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Japan Rice Cooker in Europe


14 Feb 2018
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Searching with keywords 'rice cooker voltage Europe' or ' rice cooker voltage' in this website do not find results I am looking for, so here is my question.

I just moved to Europe a while ago, and am going to buy a Japan's rice cooker, which doesn't have corresponded model for Europe. The main problem I encounter is the voltage. Japan uses voltage 110V, and the place I live 220V. It seems that I should acquire step up/ step down transformer. If so, transformer with 5000-Watt enough (The one I find mentioning its power consumption is around 1,450W)?

- 圧力IH炊飯ジャー「極め炊き」(NW-AT10型) 新発売|ニュースリリース2017年|象印
- 圧力IHタイプ NW-AS型|南部鉄器 極め羽釜|圧力IH炊飯ジャー|炊飯ジャー|商品情報|象印

I appreciate any suggestions, thanks.
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