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Japan QB makes his mark at Hula Bowl


17 Jan 2004

Quarterback Kentaro Namiki became the first player from Japan in the Hula Bowl's 56-year history to throw or complete a pass.
Associated Press

WAILUKU, Maui 窶 With a big lead late in the Hula Bowl, a 6-yard pass near midfield may have seemed meaningless.

But the short strike of quarterback Kentaro Namiki of Waseda University in Saturday's game could provide a glimpse into the future as football gains popularity in Japan.

It was the first time a player from Japan has thrown or completed a pass in the 56-year history of the Hula Bowl, which started inviting players from the Asian nation a few years ago. Namiki may be the first player from Japan to throw a pass in a college bowl game in the United States.

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