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Japan out...

South Korea in the quarter finals

One world cup host out, but the other still in!!

Korea played 2-1 against Italy in one of the most spectacular games so far. Despite two blatantly wrong decisions by the referee in favor of the Koreans, they won deservedly.

Congrats to the Korean team!

Japan bows out but S Korea sinks Italy with golden goal

=> http://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat=6&id=219956
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Despite my disappointment for Japan losing out, they fought pretty well to stop another one going in, but a real shame nothing went in from their side

Really glad that S Korea are through! They dominated the Italians in the second half!
I was soooo shocked. But the Turkish goal was so clean and the game was pretty decent I'm glad that the better team won.

ewww, wathced the Korea vs. Itlay match. That was brutal. Most injuries I've ever seen out side of boxing. I was routing for the Italians but switched half because they were so dirty. Nice ending goal.
Throughout this world cup I've always supported smaller soccer nations, so I cheered for the Koreans from the beginning. What I generally do not like about the Italian national team is their tactics to hammer a goal, then delay the game, they've done that before.

The Korean team had immense support by local fans. I don't know if anyone has seen the huge banners they waved: something like "That's your gate to hell, Italians", all in Italian. They cheered whenever the Koreans held the ball, but booed the Italians throughout the game.

I haven't noticed this kind of fanatical patriotism (chauvinism?) with Japanese fans.
Also, back in the 1960s, N Korea (yes, North Korea) beat Italy and I saw similar "patriotic" banners displaying something to the effect of "Remember 1966" when the golden goal went in. I really wish I was in Seoul yesterday evening!

Hmmm, I wonder what will happen to the Italians when they go home. Possibly will get egged and/or lynched!
In general, I was really impressed with the Japanese side of the cup. They cheered for many teams not just their own. And even helped fill the empty stadiums in Korea.

The S. Korea team played extrememly well too. Too bad their fans turned me off with their booing.

Currently though, soccer is still taking a back seat in sports in Japan again, much to my dismay. I had hoped that the level of intensity would have carried over a bit more. We're back to boring TV programs and Baseball.

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