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5 Oct 2003
Greetings Japan Merchants & Webmasters:

Japan-101.com has grown fast and now receives over 3000 visits per day. I have decided the time is right to open a Japan Shopping Guide to connect mostly US visitors to merchants of Japan-related products and services.

I need websites selling Japan-related products or services to join the Japan Shopping Guide pilot program at no cost. The purpose of this pilot program is to gather statistics (clicks to your site) and ask for feedback. This will convert to a pay-service in about 5 weeks. At that time you may choose not to continue without any obligations or hard feelings.

Please view what has been completed so far by going to www.japan-101.com and clicking Japan Shopping Guide near the top of the page.

There some requirements for all sites:
1) Only sites selling Japan-related products
2) Only sites accepting US dollars & shipping to the US
3) Only English language sites with some English support
4) Only quality, professional, updated sites
5) That you would consider any pay-service if you deemed it successful and affordable (again, no obligation)

To apply please send an email to me at the address below. Include your website & name. I will set everything up and submit it for your review. Very little work is required on your end.

Thank you,
Doug M

The cutoff date for entries into the no-cost program is Jan 26th, '04.
This message was posted with permission from the staff.
Kind of like a "Yellow Pages" for Japanese stuff? Cool idea, I like the concept. Best of luck in your endeavour.
Yep, kind of like Yellow Pages, but with a few key differences:

- Storefronts are fully integrated into the Japan-101 website. Visitors searching for "kimono" from Japan-101.com's home page will find articles about kimonos AND stores selling them. I see it as a service for visitors, not just advertising.

- Each merchant has one full page with a unique URL. It is not a link farm. Each merchant will also have access to statistics of number of views and clicks.

- All merchants support selling to the US market. This is really targeted at US visitors as a gateway to simple Japan-related shopping.

Thanks for the interest and wishes.
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