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Help Japan: medieval-type of life style?


6 Apr 2003
I'm thinking about moving to Japan in like 5 months but I heard there was like a part of japan where the people there live a medieval times type of life style. Is this true and if it is please tell me what part of Japan it is because I kinda want to move somewhere like that.
Wow, you're considering moving there in 5 months and don't have an idea of which part you'd like to live in? Better hurry! ^_^
Did you get all the stuff you need to go to Japan?
It is quite weird that you want to move so soon and don't know where you're going ^^'.
I probably wont really move there in 5 months... But I was going to move to Tokyo but I heard about this other place and it sounded alot better. So I'm ready to move right now if I wanted to.
Konnichiwa Reignfire-san!

What kind of image do you have about a medieval times type of life style? What kind of life do you want?:giggle:

I think there are lots of places that have a type of living history type setup (think Williamsburg in VA), but they are for the tourists. I have never heard of a group where they live in the middle ages full time, rather it is more of a day job. Do you have a region or a place name you could give us and we can help you?

-Lastly, If such a place does exsist, are you sure that they take people off the street, and how good is your Japanese? Even for WIlliamsburg there is a very long process you go through before they let you out in costume.

I think you idea sounds like a lot of fun though!
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