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Japan Lite: Amazing instant anywhere electric mug!


17 Jan 2004
Amy Chavez said:
It used to be that we only had to deal with funny Japanese English. But with the flood of goods imported from China, we now have a different kind of English written on the boxes of products we buy.
This new English is grammatically correct, but enough to make you wonder if you're not watching a late-night TV commercial promising you instant washboard abs.

I recently bought an electric mug. The box insisted it was a "NEW!" one. Well, glad to know I'm not buying a used one at that price. It's actually not a mug at all, but a plastic jug that holds 2 liters of water and has a heating element inside. Furthermore, according to the box, it says I can "boil water instantly." Can you imagine boiling 2 liters of water instantly? So, if you added instant hot water to instant coffee, wouldn't that give you instant-instant coffee?

Japan Times
i love instant... i mean, jesus, you know how many uses i could have for that? i mean i'd be eating top ramen everyday, drinking coffee/hot chocolate all in the same cup! too bad that i dont have instant breakfast, and the stuff hot pockets make isn't good :p
Lol i'd like to earn instant money :D
Just add some (instant) water and the money pops out.
Can't they do that? :giggle:
hahaha, we'd ALL love that dreamer :p, i'd like to see instant cake.. powder + water, bam you got yourself a $400.00 wedding cake
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