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Japan is the #3 spender, on its military of


8 Oct 2002

Japan is the #3 spender in U.S. dollars on its military of

With North-Korea making trouble and the United States downgrading is presence in Asia, its about time.

United States left Phillipines.
(backing a corrupt leadership, and tolerating
bars-and-brothels didn't help,

United States wants to "re-deploy" troops in South-Korea

Okinawa people/government, constantly putting pressure to get Americans out of Okinawa.

South-Korea has large demonstrations against American troop pressence.

United States military is "stretched" thin by too many wars, and too little military (the USA military waste a lot of money on weapon systems that are un-neccessary !)

Listen to GARY HART, discuss this. !
if US moved out of Asia... many asian countries may feel so threat from China and North Korea... :-/
well....china wont dare to threaten those countries yet coz they need to improve themselves militarily..and by the way,,, since they are not welcome, the american troops can go home then,...save them lots of bruises then...and by the way, even japs increase their spending it is just technology spending like the spy satelite they just send thats all...besides they mostly concentrate on defence weapons not offensive one...
Japan #3

if US moved out of Asia... many asian countries may feel so threat from China and North Korea.

American military might is thin !

The American economy is n-o-t the same economy
as say 1960-1975.

American miltary was based on being able to fight
2 large wars at the same time. THAT ACTUALLY CANNOT

The theory while America fights one war, an advesary
cannot take advantage of this. Therefore American must
be able to fight 2 wars at once.

IN TRUTH,TODAY; American military can fight 1.5 wars
Im pretty sure the US can fight two wars, it just depends where. Economic factors dont limit the United states like they once did, The way the United States fights, is far different than the did during the vietnam war. Although basically the united states fight the same in individual battles, how there US gets to those battles and where they fight them is a completely different matter. This is called Mobility doctrine. The US prepositions huge amounts of their equipment in different locations around the world as preparedness to fight conflicts. The forces that fought in Iraq did not use their own equipment, they used prepositionsed equipment from the gulf. Also several army divisions have become rapid mobility divisions that are able to deploy 3700 men into a field within 96 hours and get 5 divisions in the field withing a month. The size of the US military in general already exceeds all other militaries (even the chinese) and the US doesnt need numbers in the field because they have been prepared to fight a with less than their opponents. Technology, or force multiplication has been Mantra of the US since 1940s since they could never hope to counter the sheer numbers that the USSR could put in the field. Precision guided munitions, means that there needs to be less americans in the field to do the same job as any normal military would.

Furthermore their airforce has been re-organized into air wings that can be quickly deployed into the field... and there are 10 of them now available... each one with 100 aircraft.The US navy adds even more when you take into account that there are 12 aircraft carriers. They also have two SSGNs with 154 tomahawk missiles. and 33 submarines that have 12 tomahawks each... pretty mean stuff.
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