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Japan is full of automatic car


8 Jan 2003
The percentage of automatic car is 94.8% in Japan. The Japanese like a automatic car more than manual. Because automatic is ease to drive. And this percentage is on the increase.

The percentage of automatic car in Japan.(only personal car except a import car and a Japanese light vehicle with a cubic capacity of 660 cc. And it is not inclusive of business car.)

1993 76.5%
1994 77.5%
1995 80.8%
1996 84.2%
1997 87.2%
1998 87.7%
1999 88.5%
2000 91.2%
2001 93.0%
2002 94.8%

A manual car will disappear from Japan?:eek:

It is really easier? I cannot imagine to use an automatic under severe winter conditions for instance, or in mountainous areas, on ice, etc. Well, probably just a question of habit.
Konnichiwa Thomas-san!
Yes, automatic is ease. Because there are few pedals, only two.:D

The Japanese woman dislike a clutch pedal operation. Many Japanese woman can not start car by stall. Specially a slope start and back. The woman is thrown into confusion at back. Because the woman can not operate four action at the same time, accelerator, brake, clutch and reverse handle of back. And the woman will get automatic license but not manual.

In Japan, getting license is very difficult. Specially manual license. And many Japanese woman choose automatic license.

And car driver must start and stop frequently on the road in Japan. Because there is many signal and traffic congestion. Japanese traffic congestion is the worst. Frequent shift change and release the clutch is very hard even the male. But automatic is very ease on signal and traffic congestion. Because car is stop by step on the brakes and is run by release the brakes.:D

Automatic is very fit for Japan.:) But I don't like it.:p

I can undestand the comfort of an automatic car, but Nangi-san, believe me after driving for a while handling the clutch during rush hours is a completely automatised and internalised process that takes no more intellectual effort than breathing.

Yes, that's true, it becomes habit. But manual cars are a pain for people like myself who often read maps, eat, drink or use cell phone while they're driving. ;)
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