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Japan interactive map? Pls help


3 Sep 2003
Hi everyone, just wondering do you know any site provide interactive map of Japan (like Mapquest for US and Canada)? I want to search the directions of certain address in Kobe. I tried google for few times, but no proper result.
🙂 Thank you!
Thanks Budd. It's seems a very good site. But I had some difficulties using it. I can guess some Kanji in the site, since I know chinese. But I can't type it... I tried to type this address "Kobe-shi Hyogo-ku Minato-machi 3-chome 25 " to the search bar. But yield no result. Did I type/do something wrong?
Thanks!!! really appreciate that!🙂
why not write to the address? the post offices over there aren't like the ones over here
good luck!
i feel stupid saying this :) but writing the address down verbatim
and writing the letter in english & jpn couldn't hurt either -- the shorter the better
saying "thanks!" many times throughout the letter might help too
again, good luck
edit: i think there might be a lot of Chibas in Tokyo too

please do!
i should mention that one time i went to tokyo and forgot to bring a friend's CELL telephone number, but did bring the letter
hotel clerk looked at the name and address and got the HOME number on the first try -- which leads into homegirl's "most embarassing moments in Japan thread" but it still depresses me, so won't go there :eek:
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