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Japan hysteric/street/jpop clothes?


18 Jan 2004
Does anyone know any good online stores for japan street style, hysteric, or jpop related clothes? :D And also, is anyone else having trouble with
www.galskingdom.com? I have to go to www.galskingdom.com/index.htm. [because it says forbidden] I click enter and nothing shows up. Help, please? :eek:
In my first link, take out that question mark from the first one. It got put into the link by accident. ^.^;;;
I know that this thread is old, but you should go for this place:http://www.sweetconnection.net/world_online/ -They have Ozone and Hysteric Glamour clothing. They are very helpful and reliable, but the owners english is REALLY bad ( but funny ). My wife buys from there.
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