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18 Dec 2003
Hello People ,

My name is Sava ,

Can somebody please help me ,
I search desent cd scans ( covers in good quality) , Good scans for many japanese heavy metal , rock bands ,
I need : Front , Back Cd , scans for some bands like :

X japan , Hide , Terra Rosa , Precious , Sabbrebells , Anthem ,

It would be realy nice if someone can help me out ,
But please only good scans , Thx Alot ,

Hop to get some responce , Sava ,
CD-Japan has those. And YesAsia. They're a bit expensive though and they come with this weird silver plastic disc. Not sure what's the use of that...

Welcome aboard Sava. 🙂

Sorry for the sarcasm, but we'd really like to promote buying originals, rather then downloading.
JpopHelp.com: North America's Online Source for Japanese Media!! has covers, but not in high resolution (and usually only for the more commercial stuff.
You could try asking around on the alt.binaries.sounds.jpop newsgroup on Usenet.
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