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Japan government should avoid creating extraterritorial base in Djibouti


4 Mar 2016
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Japan should not participate in the USA extraterritorial plans as an involuntary nut.

I heard in news, Japan created a military base in the African Djibouti country, beside American bases in the territory. I’m sure this basing and risky decision is a recommendation or order from USA to Japanese officials. Also, I am sure USA government doesn’t wish a powerful Japan but want to misuse it!

In the most of the Middle East and African countries that are exposed to a series of regime changes and popular revolutions, creating the military bases can causes some serious difficulties and also damages the reputation of Japan and demonstrate it as a colonial regime beside USA.

If you see China is active in the Middle East and Africa comprehensively, it is because its purpose is “an international trade and business”, not the military or bad political activities! China arrived the field with a good purpose and intention and that caused Chinese’s succeed and development.

However, while Japan with all its high technologies is not allowed to have its own weaponry facilities and independent power in Japan, it is a wonderful thing that how its government establishes a military base in another country! It sounds, it is forced to do that.

In this plan, USA wants to inspire Japanese falsely that they have a powerful country, while the imposed military limitations versus Japan says another thing!
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