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Japan Education Related Issue


31 May 2003

I am new here 😄

I dont know whether i post in the right place or not but we will see about it :eek:

I wanna know some information related to Japan Education.
I intend to pursue my master degree in japan..
I read a lot a bout it bout still got some things thats not clear enuff.

1. EJU is meant for Undergraduate university only? or its also meant for Master degree education??
2. What are examinations that i have to take to be eligible in Japan university? EJU? graduate exam? JLPT?
3. I have no knowledge in Japanese language (or little knowledge), do you think i able to pass JLTP lvl 1 test by end of this year (2003) if i get intensive Japanese Language course for 4-6 months?
4. Any good recomendation for English Based University in Japan? (Graduate University)

Sorry if i post these in wrong forum 🙂
I think it should be allrite to ask bout education things since this forum is meant for anything that related to japan.
U guys know any Education Forum tat related to Japan Study??

Thnx for your help.

OK, I'm not sure what the EJU is all about and actually I can't answer most of your questions. But passing a level 1 test should be no problem at all, especially not after 4-6 months of intensive studying. ;)

Someone told me it will take me one year or more to pass lvl one JLPT.. tat kinda put me off...

But you raise my spirit again... thnx =P
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