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Japan Center for Asian Historical record


24 Nov 2003
Hi, everyone.

Since everyone often discussed about modern Japan in this message board, I thought I should let everyone knows about the existence of this website. This is the national databases of digital documents (unfortunately, almost everything in Japanese but some are in English) which covers Meiji Era to the end of the WWII. They are the picture files of the actual government documentations. Those who are interested in seeing actual materials signed or writtend by important historical figure of Japan can search the documentations through this website. I thought it would be helpful those who are interested.

Unfortunately, the website may be hard to search the materials you need in English. If you feel that way, please fill the questionaire and hope they will assist you.

Japan Center for Asian Historical Records
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Interesting link! Hope it helps some folks out with their research. Thanks KaterinaH.
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