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Japan.box.sk is a new lifestyle and information site on Japan. Using an open source code known as the edge engine Japan.box.sk offers full interaction for registered users to interact with the website.

Site offers

memo system for users to memo other registered users

News and articles - registered users are able to submit news on Japan or write their own article and submit it

Classifieds section

Forums section

Voting Polls

Search Engine

Language Option


User rating system - the higher the user level the more the user can contribute to the Japan.box.sk

The site has only been up for two months but please pay us a visit and post any feedback at this forum


Your site looks great! Interesting features as well.

I think such content deserves a proper domain though. Are you on a Slovak server or is that just a redirection?
yep you got it slovakian server!

well japan.box.sk is part of the boxnetwork!- so the domain name wont be changing - perhpas people feel that unless a site is .com, .org or .net, that it isnt marketable. however i think that these days that doesnt matter. as long as the URL isnt thirty letters in length, is catchy (not ketchy) and above all has something that people want to come back to - then this isnt a problem.

besides i think japan.box.sk is kinda cool domain name - its different! anyway like i said it is part of the boxnetwork - a group of sites hosted in slovakia - my involvement with the boxnetwork is to admin the site japan.box.sk however there are at least thirty different sites in the boxnetwork sites all of which have different admins. the most popular is

neworder.box.sk - where this all originated - develeped by a guy called cube - neworder has 110,000 registered users and is primarly a hacking and security resource.

japan.box.sk is a joint effort of cube and myself - two partners

anyway hope i explained the box.sk name well enough

I think the boxnetwork mostly got its fame from Astalavista, and to be honest, i didn't know there were other sites than that one on the box.sk domain.
regarding twisted's comment;

there are over thirty box.sk sites in fact there are over forty!check out most of them at japan.box.sk links section;


so now you know that there is more then just astalavista.box.sk
which is search engine and link directory for hacking and security sites.
Well frankly, any webmaster who hasn't used Astalavista yet? For reasons of server security of course...

Anyhow, excellent J-page at japan.box.sk!
I had a quick look xxx and its very interesting,👏

I'l go back again when I'v more time to browse and enjoy the items enclosed lolol🙂
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