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Japan-based autoparts websites?


6 Oct 2003
Does anyone here know of any online autoparts dealers based in Japan? Specifically Toyotas?

I'm trying to find headlamps for a Toyota Gracia.

Large junk yards !

You might try US salvage yards for a good used set cheap. Almost all are conectted with each other on the internet. There might be somthing that goe rear ended and totaled with the front un-touched.

This is for a model of car not produced or sold in the US........it is the JDM version of the '98 Camry. The JDM headlamps are different in Japan but will fit a US Camry.........but I need to find a salvage yard that is in Japan.
Check out http://www.stormperformance.net/ and be sure to drop those guys a line (e-mail addies at bottom). They have locations in Cali, Florida, and Japan and can special order for you directly if need be so it can't hurt to inquire.

"Special orders for engines, car seats and accessories can be requested. Storm Performance will deliver/ship worldwide."
yah, good link, because i don't know if autobacs can do it
then again, they had a guy who could help me out right at the store
still didn't get no spoon, but that's honda's fault, not theirs really
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