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14 Mar 2002
We have upgraded to a new banner exchange program, our current exchange will be phased out in January 2003. This means that the current banner codes will no longer be functional as of next month. Our members have been notified by email.

Our new credit ratio is 9:10 (so your banners will be displayed nine times on other member sites for ten banner you show on your web site ). You will receive 1.000 credits upon signing up, 500 credits for referring new members and 10 credits for each bannerclick. Of course, membership is still free!

Also new: you can now upload up to 3 banners per account.

More info

=> http://www.japanbanner.net/rules.shtml
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Can you see in the statistics whether people actually click on these banners?
In other words, is it worth soiling my website with a banner?
Yes, you can check your stats, change your login info, banner graphics, whatever. It will take a while until most of our 70 members transfer their accounts to the new program, but if you want exposure I think it's worth soiling your page, lol.
Ok, i've signed up for it. I've kinda build my whole site around the banner. Let's see what this will bring. :)
I'm still waiting for about 40 members to switch to the new exchange. I'll keep the old banner program alive for another 2 weeks, then it's sayonara.
Update: the old banner exchange program has been deleted from our server. We have sent out a final notice to all members who haven't updated their codes yet.

The old banner exchange will display as follows (check the bottom of the page)

=> http://www.oldies.jp

Please post any questions or suggestions to the Support Forum.
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