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Japan and Korean rock


30 Jun 2003
Hi all. I was just thinking if you can give me some nice names of j and k rock groups. Right now i'm listening to Garnet Crow and Loveholic and i must say i think their music is great. Very soft, very melodic. 😄
you want jrock groups, huh? well... dir en grey, malice mizer, kagerou, mucc, lareine, kagrra, x-japan and globe are nice bands to me. from artists, there is absolutely hide, gackt, miyavi, shiina ringo and klaha... waa.
I like LoveHolic. You should try out some J-Rock. I like Japanese music more then Korean Music.
I am an Indies *****, so I'll suggest deadman, Blast, Merii, Kagrra, vidoll, and baroque. And of course, Malice Mizer and X Japan, also. Ah, they're all J-rock, too.
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