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Japan, 1900-1930

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8 Oct 2002
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NOTE: This is using no reference books,
but just what I know.

Japan was mostly a fishing and farming society, in the early 1900's. The "power" centers of Japan wanted to bring Japan into a richer nation. One key to create a richer nation was obtaining access to oil and minerals (steel, tin, rubber exc. exc.)

The desire to be a richer nation, and some serious economic problems in the time frame of 1900-1930's, created a growing right wing element.

The right wing emerged and recruited from the poorer portion of the country. This was mostly poor country people.

The economic crisis included a run on the banking system. This added to the sense that Japan was in "chaos", and could never become a strong rich nation. The growing right wing and the military exploited these feelings.

In the 1930's right wing extremist induced political chaos, and many key "moderate" political leaders were assassinated or neutralized. Again by forcing "political" chaos, the military and the right wing filled a power vacumn. The military was more and more taking over the decision making and went into China (Manchuria). The Japanese political leaders were powerless to stop it.

This simplifies 30 years of history, but I did my best.
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