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Japan “Sayonara Tax.” International tourists pay before departure


20 Jan 2015
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One of my co-workers reading the USA Today news paper drop off a cut out article about Japan travel. Knowing i am about to travel out there for work, He wanted to to get my opinion on it. I got a little upset but laugh telling him this year was my last year traveling there. This other person traveling out there later on was not to happy

My question is, did they really make this because of the up and coming 2020 Olympics Japan is hosting?

Leaving Japan will get a little costlier for travelers starting this week.Japan’s National Tax Agency Ministry in Finance on Monday instituted the “International Tourist Tax” on most international travelers leaving Japan. It is widely known as the “sayonara tax.”Airlines and cruise lines must collect the tax from all passengers, with a few exceptions, upon departure and give it to the government of Japan. The passengers will have to pay the tax before they board the cruise or flight. International tourists leaving Japan must pay 1,000 yen per departure. That is about $9.
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