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Jap Civic Type R


17 Oct 2003
Jpn Civic Type R

Hi there im looking to bring a civic type r preferably white into the UK. Im looking to contact a garge in japan direct because the UK companys are adding about 50% mark up price on it!

Ive wondering if anyone on here can provide me with some contacts or web sites.

All help greatly appreciated.
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changing the topic title to "Jpn" might get more replies
at the least, i'll bother searching...
good luck regardless
They have a selection for sale but I dare say they will find you what you want. They can import the car for you or you can do it all yourself if you wish, I must warn you that its alot of paperwork and stress though.
Other than that, you can buy from Japanese auctions. Dont know how youd go about that though.
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