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Janne Da Arc


15 Mar 2002
Does anyone know where to buy their CD's at? I have searched and searched but I can't find them. And please, no trade sites or sites that aren't in english.

By the way, I'm Obelisk, I'm new here.
hiya, Obelisk! i found some places w/ Janne Da Arc cd's for you! check it out:

YESASIA: Online Shopping for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Movies, TV Dramas, Music, Games, Books, Comics, Toys, Electronics, and more! - Free Shipping - North America Site
JpopHelp.com: North America's Online Source for Japanese Media!!
CDJapan : Japanese Anime, Jpop, Japanese music, Game music, Japanese movie, CD, DVD

i haven't ordered through the first two myself but i hear good things, and cdjapan is pretty good... well, i hope that's helpful! buh bye! and good luck too!
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One of the rare few J-Rock groups I listen to. They're good.

All three of those sites degpie mentioned are among the best and most secure to order from.
I think Janne Da Arc is starting to sound more and more like Siam Shade.
Siam Shade is good! ~ I just discovered how Janne Da Arc sounded .. I wish I knew more about them earlier.
Ah well, in any case, Daita, Siam Shade's lead guitarist was a fan of Dream Theater (progressive metal band), and some SiSh songs sounded very prog-like.
And Janne da Arc are essentially a progressive metal band...tadaa, similar style.
Ah, I've finally found the Janne de arc section! 👍 i was wondering if anyone has the english transloations to there songs trap, and shounen no hitomi. I really like this bands music, and Im suprised no one has posted here in so long... :?
OOh, if anyone has any pics could they post them? I would love you forever! thank you!
I have some pictures 😊 I'm not like the biggest fan of them, but i like their music! :p














camasi.de - This website is for sale! - camasi Resources and Information.
More pictures here! :)

Hope you like them! 🙂
I really like Janne Da Arc, though the vocalist has an annoying way of speaking :p I found som lyrics too, but annoyingly enough the two you asked about weren't there :(
Me too I like what I have heard of Janne da Arc! 👍 I've only got a handful of their songs though, about 6 or 8 or something, but they seem good... they didn't become one of my total favorite bands but I still need to hear more of their stuff... *sparkly eyes* And thanks for the pictures, I didn't have any pics! :p

Oh btw, anyone know Siam Shade? I've heard of them but I don't know their music...
I heard of Siam Shade. They were singing Pink Spider on hide Tribute Spirits. Well they are not that bad, but then again i should hear more songs... 😌
Wow, I cant believe you're so nice! But my Janne Da Arc pic craveings, have been satisfied, thanks to you. :p Thanks, anyhow, he he he. 👍
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