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14 Mar 2002
Sex-mad Japan all talk, no action

[...] In 2001, the Japanese ranked worst in the world when it came to a poll on how many times they had sex. This year was even worse -- Japan didn't even make the cut, according to Shukan Taishu (12/23).

France ranked as the most libidinous land on Earth this year, with the French reporting to an annual survey by British condom maker Durex that they had sex 167 times in 365 days. Last year's champions from the United States flopped to a dismal sixth place, racking up only 138 instances.

=> http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/0212/021225rank.html

You can download Durex reports from here.

2001 => http://www.durex.com/uk/sexsurvey/images/site/health/GLOBAL_REPORT_2001.zip

2002 => http://www.durex.com/2002%20sex%20survey.pdf (.pdf file)
"Just over a third of women (35%) have thought about
sex with another woman"



On a side note, does anyone remembers a comedy movie about Zorro, where the evil Colonel would only make love with his wife 20 times per year?

- Oh, the fiend! Said Zorro.

- Yes, but he makes them all in one night and tonight is the night. Save me!! Said the Colonel's wife.

what i racognized when i wuz in china but i don't know if that goes for japan 2 is that the boyz were talkin' about se all day long also all of them were still virgin and the girls who never spoke about had already made experiance...
I read recently that males over 40 tend to be more successful as they are able to control their sex drive and therefore their sex energy is used in other areas.
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