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well, I don know. maybe ppl here just don't talk about it enough or something? But you can talk about it in the jpop forum
The term Jpop covers all music coming from Japan. I personally prefer the term J-music, but Jpop is more widely recognized by fans of Japanes music. Doesn't necessarily have anything to do with popmusic.

We had this discussion before here at the forum. There's no immediate need to split up the current Jpop section into different sub-sections.
yeah that's true....and sometimes it's rather hard to seperate the 2 genres because a lot of times they're so similar like people consider Gackt to be more poppish whereas I consider him to be more rockish
The pop in J-pop means "popular," so if a group/song is popular/known/similar among the general (mostly young) audience, it's generally considered J-pop regardless of whether it's rock, R&B, etc.
Jpop is generally used to distinguish the type of music from other types of Japanese music such as Enka.
pooey. :( oh well, at least there's a place 4 J-rock in our hearts. :) and yeah, the line is blurred with ppl like Gackt + them Glay guys. I think I'll call it J-music now....maybe.
budd said:


i have both their records and i saw them perform live in Sweden!..

these guys will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF straight into next century!

one of my personal all-time favourite bands and definatelly the best thing to sprout from japan!

if youre only gonna buy one of their records, make sure its "one step more and you die".. it's fuggin fantastic! its fun having both tho, cuz you can really hear how theyve grown from "under a pipal tree"...

fantastic ^_^ if you love mono, i love you
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