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j-rock online stations

I like one station on there...but that's because I'm part of the reason it's updated.... Cool...I want to find another free one that plays music by the people Daisuke Asakura produces
yes :( lol i hated it but when you gave me the link i figured id try it once again i hate how i am limited and the stupid commecials..but then..i saw the light and it was m10m! they were playing it...actually playing it!!!!

so now..i love that one in particualr station all cuz of yo :eek:
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i have been looking for a cool station that plays them and like DEG for freggin ever..and finally i found it ...plus they play way more x-japan then japan-a radio ^_^
Hey...don't blame me...you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink the water....why you no PM me anymore XJ?
i dunno why dont you PM me :( lol nothing intresting is happening over on my end and i ran outta things to talk about lol
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