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J-Ref Tokyo Tour 2003

What season would be the best for you to travel to Japan in 2003?

  • Winter

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • Spring

    Votes: 8 29.6%
  • Summer

    Votes: 10 37.0%
  • Autumn

    Votes: 8 29.6%

  • Total voters


3 Nov 2002
In order to assist Thomas in making plans for the trip to Tokyo/Kamakura, I have started this thread so we might gather input from those members actually interested in joining us there. After voting as to what season would be best for you to travel to Japan in 2003, please post any concerns or information you might have that would help us prepare for the "J-Ref Tokyo Tour 2003!"
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The following is a PDF file that shows how the JR East Railway Lines run (Narita Airport to Kamakura):


And the following shows the Tokyo Subway Lines:

This is interesting. I'm going to check transport prices.

Do you know any online resources that covers hotels/transportation in Japan and so on? Well... that mustn't be too hard to find online.

Traditionally, the cheapest time to fly is in the fall and winter. Spring and summer months the prices go up. And be sure not to ever travel to Japan during Obon or Golden Week. JR and Tokyo Subway travel prices are quite expensive by Western standards, but it should be obvious that the airline expense will be the biggest monetary concern for those of us living outside of Japan. I will do some checking on this if everyone interested will tell me exactly which airports they will be flying out of.
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Ouch... just saw the prices at Lufthansa. 竄ャ800 - 竄ャ900 low and high season, respectively and they don't tell if its a one-way ticket or... lol... I'm better assuming the worst.

Here's the page. I'm sure if you are really interested, you will try to find it's English counterpart. :)


Anyway, I think I got an idea of how much would I need.
Just found this: http://www.nipponrooms.net/

Is it just I or some of the hotel prices are free? :D:D:D:D:D

According to a friend of mine Finnair is quite cheap.

I'm not gonna make it on this trip though. I'm going to the US next year.

I'm truly sorry to hear you won't be making it for the "J-Ref Tokyo Tour 2003." I have a mini-DV video camera, and with the consent of our attending members, will be taking tons of footage to edit and make commemorative Video CD's with. So I will be sure to send you a copy at your request.


As posted in another thread:

I try to stay away from Japan in the Summer and Winter months.

My preference would be to do this in either Spring (if we can guess the week the Sakuras are blooming that would be best) or Autumn (early Autumn, once things have cooled down a bit, rather than late Autumn when it is already getting cold) of 2003.

source: Kamakura/Giant Buddha
Hey guys.

Well, I'm going out to Japan this spring as part of my research (though I'm guessing I'll be doing more sightseeing than anything else.. oh and shopping!). I'm not going to need accomodation whilst in Tokyo because I have friends to stay with, but if I travel around I'lkl need to think about it. Will have to research train travel too, so those links will help.

So who's actually going out to Japan over spring and can keep me company! <laughs>

oooohhh.... I should look into this. I've been dying to go but my usual lack of money and language skills keep me from taking that leap

Now, if we only had the "biggest modem on the block" (like the one in Stargate), that would solve a lot of problems. ...A little wishful thinking...(smile).
Spring for the cherry blossoms.
Summer for the skirts.
Fall for the autumn leaves and colors.
Winter for the Snow Festival in Sapporo, can even catch a ski jump match at the 72' olympic jump stadium that was recently renovated.

Now, if only I had the cash and time to fly down.

I'm with Thomas on this one ... beep beep beep, "Beam me up, Scottie!"
@tosh, hmmm "stargate", love that program especially "talk"(spell?) hmm nice haha and yes your right a stargate is what is required here! you and I can work out the co-ordinates, dial them up and "hey, What a party!!!" If only!!!🙂
I live here so I can go anytime. Cherry blossoms should be here around the last week of march or first week of April. They better hit by the end of march this year.

that is all
Hi Deborah, um..according to the "caption box" (for the hearing impaired) on my TV, the spelling is something like.."Tealc". ...I don't watch much TV, unless there are foreign sub-titles. And then I just leave the caption-box on.
Ahhh tosh, I like that spelling much better, it's more complicated and definitely more masculine lol.😊
I don't get much time to watch T.V. much either, but stargate is a must!!!! 👏
seen SG1 to-day hmm Tealc is definitely handsome,
@tosh thanks for the spelling correction!! (my spelling is terrible) and my memory is worse hahaha, journal O'Neil (spell?) is also my kind of man! Lol, he is positive but simplistic(spell?), he is also beautiful to us 30 years old ect aged woman (haha) that's the only reason I watch it !!!! the joke, joke, it has an excellent storyline and is unpredictable!!!, but I must admit Tealc and O'Neil are something else,
😍 :devilish:
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Unfortunately conditions have changed and I will not be able to join you all for the J-ref Tokyo Tour this year. Perhaps 2004 will work out better for me if there is a second annual J-ref Tour.
What Am I Saying?!?! 2004 is European Football Championship Year!! :D:D:D:D

Well, I'll see if I can squeeze some time and money for a trip to Japan. :)
2004 hmmm! that will give me time to get the money together, has any-one any idea how much the flight alone is from Ireland, I've checked this out, and it's at least 1000.00 per person (euro?? Yen???) gee I must check how much this is in foreign currency!🙂
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