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Sounds very cool... I'll have to look them up. Do they have a website with any mp3s to sample?

I like English punk, but I can't quite imagine what Japanese punk would be like... interesting, I imagine.
here is some info about star club and some other bands http://www.jap-punk.com/

well i only heard one of their song but in ******* Quality so i can just say
j-punk is quite similar to european just with jap language text

**** it's so hard to find j-punk and j-oi!

BTW dindrane r u punk???
i know many of jpunk group
but it's hard to find on net, mp3 i mean
and it's hard to listen, quality too bad sometimes
Any of you guys heard of Snail Ramp, Hi-Standard, or Balzac?

Hi-Standard, and Balzac have cd's that have been released in the states.
hey dudes! J-punk? yeah, i've been listening to them for quite a year now~ it's cool to know that finally there's someone who has an interest to J-punk, they're no difference from english punk (U.S. based) except the fact that their lyrics is in japanese, but they also do english songs but their english is pretty bad, funny and weird also! umn.. these are my favorite japanese punk bands.. do check 'em out:


and if you also like ska punk there's also:


there's many more but i forgot them, pop punk genre is growing more and more in japan now these days like a trend.. i really hope NU METAL bands would also grow in japan...Dir en Grey's music in vulgar isn't hard and noisy enough.. ~_~;
Pigdog records has some good japanese J-Punk and i guess J-Emo bands.. check out the 3 minute movie song. I think its wicked!!! ;)

Pig dog records

go to the bottom of the screen and you'll see boxes with letters in them ...hover your mouse over the 'I' and it'll change to Bands..click on Japanese Bands and you'll see the listing on the bottom left..click on a band name and you get some info....

for some MP3's hover your mouse over the "G" and it'll change to Sounds. Click on Japanese bands and there are 4 mp3's there.


Originally posted by killerwolf
If you want some samples of Balzac you can check out my website (www.isolation13.com) There are a few songs there, and some videos too. Also, you can buy their cds at www.balzac308.com for cheap! I have been a fan of theirs for many years and the band members are personal friends of mine. Give them a listen, I think you guys might enjoy them.


😄Great... Thanks!😄

Nice site!👍
Re: j-punk?

Originally posted by METALLICA
japanese music are so hard to categorize... they all soind mix to me...

j punk huh?

I know what you mean. Bands that we would consider punk would be under "Indie". Like Flow, and Mongol 800. Wieard.


Some other bands you guys might like. Shaka Labbits, 175R.
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