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15 Jul 2003
Ehmmm.... Just wondering....

Does anyone of u people ever listen to J-punk or ska!?? And has anyone ever heard of bands like Gelugugu or maybe even small bands from Osaka (zerouzerou busou toka...)

Well, just lemme know!!

well, hide was consitered j-punk, but a REALLY good group is "Charcoal Filter" Tightrope and Hajikeyo are very VERY good songs ^.^
Charcoal Filter is good, but a bit too polished to be punk. So was hide, by the way.

I think ThePerfectDrug is looking for bands like Mummy the Peepshow and other bands like that. There's quite a few of those on the Benten label

As for more J-punk, check out this page by Dirk Gomez.
ne? I dunno, polished or not I think they're cool. another good jpunk group that i TOTALLY forgot about was KuroYume. They're great :)
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