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24 Feb 2003
Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone can suggest some good japanese pop, i don't here it too much around here except once and a while on a local college radio station, and i don't really have any friends that are into it, but what i've heard seems pretty cool so i wanted to here some more.... ;)
There are many good artists:

BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Mai Kuraki, etc...

Unless you have a large bankroll, you're going to have to download MP3s. I have some to share if you'd like. Feel free to IM me on FumetsuGolf. :)

I'll add in a few more: Kids Alive, Garnet Crow, Vivian or Kazuma, The Pillows, Dream, Do As Infinity, T.M. Revolution.
way to go!! 's super cool duds!! actually i'm not real big into jpop, but there is one huge and shining exception! i must also recommend Utada Hikaru! i don't know where i'd be now if i hadn't listened to "First Love" (definately go find this song)

here are a few others goodies:
for that r&b and ballad sound Utada, try Mai Kuraki, BoA and Maaya Sakamoto.
if you tend to like things that are straight pop or techno-ish then you'd probably like Ayumi and maybe Yuki Kimura...
if you like rap, really cute rap, try Arashi, and Dragon Ash too...
on the rock end (yay!) go with L'Arc~en~Ciel!! let me know if you're ever interested in more jrock (DeG!! MM!!) good stuff...

and finally, i will mention one last artist, this would be the solo project of the lead singer of the aforementioned L'Arc~en~Ciel and the god of my idolatry...

My favourite band at the moment is "The Brilliant Green". I love the songs Bye My Boy and Funky Girlfriend.
I haven't followed the current scene as much as i'd liked although if you like Utada Hikaru who others have already mentioned, I highly reccomend Misia. "Tsutsumi Komu Youni" is a great single by her and my personal fav. 🙂
If you like J-pop(I like it.) I suggest Utada Hikaru .Her sound is powerful and..I don't know what to say .It's GREAT!!
If it is J-Rock(YEAHHH!!) I recommend "Lucifer" "L'arc~en~ciel"
What song? Try these. For Lucifer is "Regret","Tsubasa",etc.
For L'arc is "Driver's High" (It is end-theme of GTO ,do u know?)
,"Pieces"(may be old) ........Ho HO I hope you like it.
yep, as Nyanko mentioned, The Brilliant Green, my favorite too.

also try:

Every Little Thing
HY (Higashi Yakina)
Garnet Crow
Do As Infinity
Hysteric Blue
BoA (only like 2 songs of her)
Moomin/Pushim (reggae)
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