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J-Pop Videos!

I like watching videos from Gackt, GLAY, L'Arc~en~Ciel, and Ken Hirai. If I had to pick a favorite from each, I would probably say:

Gackt - Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume or Miz'erable
GLAY - Freeze My Love or Mermaid
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Niji or STAY AWAY
Ken Hirai - KISS OF LIFE or Why

All of them have put out many amazing videos and will continue to do so for quite a while. That previous statement was intended to help squash rumors. GLAY and L'Arc~en~Ciel will both be recording new material for a while. So they are not disbanding. Obviously, this means they will have more videos for us to watch and fall in love with.:)
Fave vids :

hide ~ Rocket Dive,
Sex MachineGuns ~ OniGunSow.

Cant remember any others (^^; )
I really like watching PVs so I tend to watch a lot. Hikaru Utada's and Ayumi Hamasaki have some of my most favorite.

Wow! That's a touchy subject because I like so many artists and then again even if it's not the artist I like, sometimes there videos are so cool. Well, one thing for sure is that I really love Laruku alot! So I would have to say that my fave PV from them is...Kaze ni Kienaide because it's so artsy and pretty. I even made a mini replica of the blue room they are in. Oh and Shiina Ringo's "Honnou" (I hope that's right :eek: ) is really awesome. Umm...and so is Utada Hikaru's "Sakura Drops."
As far as have copying anybody's stuff.... I get my friends together and we perform Morning Musume's "Love Machine" and "Koi no Dance Site" just because it's so fun~ !! 😄
Re: learning "Trauma" dance moves

Since I have a video of an Ayumi concert which shows her teaching the crowd how to do the "Trauma" dance, I did end up conducting a dance class at my local anime club...


It was pretty amusing...
I've never even seen some Gackt's or Ayumi's videos cuz. I don't have a channel that shows them. Or I don't have DSL or a Cable connection that'll make my downloading faster. :( So I haven't watched any of their videos, but I still enjoy listening to their music. 😄 But I do look at pictures of the music videos. ;)
Originally posted by Tare. Aura Violette
::grins:: I have a new video I've been watching much

Ayaya chan's new vid :D

Aya Matsuura - Ne~e

it's so sickningly cute!

You got the wild version?
different versions huh?

the one I have is taken place is large bright pink room?
she is trying on different clothing outfits
quite fast and random ^_^

is there another?
if so I'd love to see
Whoops I was sure you said Goodbye Natsuo. :p

I don't think there are any different versions of Ne~e.
Gackt videos are always entertaining... I also love Ayumi Hamasaki videos and, even though it's a little dated, Malice Mizer really put out some good ones, some of my all-time favorites, even! I loved Beast of Blood, and Illuminata Live... drool...
If you want to see some of Japan's newer music videos, jpmtv.com has a few of them up. It's sort of hard to download their videos, but once you finish downloading them, they do look really awesome.
My favs that i have seen are:
X Japan's Rusty Nail, Forever Love, Endless Rain
Gackt's Vanillia, Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume, Mizerable
Malice Mizer's Garendia, Beast of Blood
but Malice Mizer's Illuminata video was horrid.
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