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J-Pop question


11 May 2004
If J-Pop is equal to American Pop (A-Pop ?), with light, superficial, and widely accessable themes, is there anything equal to "alternative" music? Is there a place for deeper more introspective music? Not bashing pop music, just curious.
Sometimes i think j-music can match any theme that america/britain have produced. Especially rock. Actually, the three great rock bands of japan can match america (L'Arc, LUNA, X-Japan) easily and let's not forget The Pillows. R&B, Hip Hop -> m-flo.
J-Artists also really excel at love ballads.

I'm saying all this based on the quality of music. Often i find the lyrics in jmusic to be somewhat like poetry - at times they are just so deep. I also find jmusic to be ahead of its time.

Overall, i just think the japanese music industry is in a league of its own. Though english music do have their moments of brilliance.

I apologise if i've missed the subject of this thread. i'm a klutz at identifying music themes.
What do you mean by "alternative" music? There are plenty of underground stuff in all styles, from rock and rap, to noise and techno. Japan has the worlds second largest music market.
The Japanese music scene has everything to offer that any other country has to offer. Most people don't get further then listening to Morning Musume, Ayumi Hamasaki or Gackt, but if you put some time in it you'll be amazed.

Alternative is a broad term, but i suggest, for starters, you listen to Bonnie Pink, Quruli, Antennasia, Sketch Show, Cornelius, The Back Horn, Shiina Ringo, The Brilliant Green, Takkyu Ishino, Fake?, Buck Tick, The Elephant Kashimashi, Blankey Jet City, The Mad Capsule Markets, Electric Eel Shock, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The Boom Boom Satellites, Fake?, Rize, Sads (or Kiyoharu solo), Yasuyuki Okamura, Soft Ballet...

Like i said... for starters. Have fun discovering. 🙂
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