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5 Jan 2003
It seems there are quite a few J-Pop fans here; perhaps you could direct me to some of the best online stores for J Pop cd's please? Thank you!
Well, I've got loads of links to j-pop/rock stores but have never used any. I do know that www.cdjapan.co.jp are one of the best and they always seem to have everything I want there and everyone I know who's used them raves about them. And they ship overseas so if I have a credit card, I'd use them all the time.

You do live in the UK though, so if you live anywhere near London you've got lots of shops you can check out - where I've got a lot of my cd's from. If you're interested let me know and I'll give you addresses, directions or take you there myself!
Unforunately I live in the dullest city in the world - coventry... about two hours or more from London. Belive me, there is no culture whatsoever here, and certainly no Japan niche shops : ( Hence I stick to online shopping. Thanks for the cdjapan link though, i'll head there now.
Hehehe.. Coventry.. I'm off to Nuneaton this Thursday to stay for a week (I do so every now and again.) Unfortunately I'm travelling from visiting my family so am not coming from London. On another one of my trips when I'm usually travelling from London I can pick up stuff for you if you'd like and meet up with you to drop it of or just send it to you. I'd love to be of some help!

Cdjapan seem to have everything anyway... and I think theres yesasia as well but I haven't really checked out their site much.
Glad to help. When I get a credit card I'll make an order (oh and when I have money! The life of a research student gives me very little in the way of funds!)
Hey midnite - don't suppose any of those London stores carry Pillows or Penpals CDs, do they? I've found both bands at both CDJapan and Yesasia, but I figure, why fudge about with credit cards and whatnot when I can try and scrounge off someone in this country?

I'm a country yokel, and seem to either get mugged or stopped by the police (never at the same time, mind. . .) every time I go to London. Damn you, townies, and all your cucumbers. Present company excepted, naturally. . .
Hehehehehe. Luckily none of those things have ever happened to me!

Well, I'm currently flying around the country (not literally!). Have been in the north east (near durham/newcastle) for the last month, then am off to Birmingham for a week and a half to visit friends, then to the outskirts of London to deal with some uni related stuff (research course so I don';t have to be there all time time.. just have been avoiding going for ages) and am THEN going back into London. As soon as I get back, give me a list of the CD's you're looking for and such. I'll relay back to you what they've got and the prices and will pick up whatever you need. Will probably work out the same price as dealing with cdjapan because the CDs are a little more expensive but we don't have to deal with all the shipping costs!

Oh, and technically I'm not a townie.. I was born in Scotland, then lived in the states, then Cyprus, then a tiny little village in the middle of nowhere surrounded by countryside in the north east.. so I'm pretty sure I'm still a bit countryfied so I wasn't insulted in the slightest! Hehehe.
hehe... and after all that you end up a J-Goth in London (no offence intended)!! Btw, I remember that you said you like to dress Vis Kei... well, take a look at these... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2805942659&category=314

They rule!
Hehehehe.. J-goth.. thats a term I totally haven't heard before and intend to use from now on to confuse people who are already confused by my Japan fetishes! hehehe.

And oh my god.. the link loaded.. THOSE ARMWARMERS ARE COOL!!! Hehehehe.. You just knew I'd love them.. and I'm a total ebay freak.. watch me buy them!
I use cdjapan and yesasia, they are both very good. In my experience cdjapan have been faster.
i buy my cds/dvds from a vareity of online vendors.

cdjapan - my top choice
jpophelp - accepts paypal
amazon.co.jp - has stuff you can't find on cdjapan (marked out of print)
deodeo - free shipping
I seriously recommend:
cdjapan.co.jp - is pretty good and also my top choice too..
YesAsia - is my 2nd top choice, with free shipping higher than $45
click here - 2nd hand cds, this is a great place if you're looking for hard to find old cds, if you cant find it, they will get it for u, period!

jpophelp - its ur choice, but they have bad service, they lag, they dont answer emails, unless you get lucky.. they dont answer their phone either, last time i called, their # was a construction site, took me, a lawsuit threat for 8 months to get my full money back.. i will never buy from them again, even when im really desperate and their prices are cheap.
I buy all my CDs from anime castle. They do have some jpop and the shipping isn't bad. But I don't know how far they ship or anything. It works for me because it's based in New York and takes about 3 days (sometimes less) to be shipped.
anime castle
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