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J-POP Karaoke


25 Aug 2002
Can anyone recommend some websites that provide free J-pop karaoke downloads?

I have quite an extensive karaoke library on my computer but it seems like J-pop Karaoke downloads for free are very rare.

Maybe I just don't know where to look

My favorite J-Pop band?

Love Psychodelico of course!!
I've never looked for JPop karaoke-vids, but i know that you can download quite a lot of Promo-Vids with WinMX (http://www.winmx.com), so i reccon there are bound to be some Karaoke-vids outthere as well.
I did find some Thai Karaoke-vids this way.
Has anybody found any sites that list the lyrics to J-songs?

Last time I looked last year I didn't turn up anything.
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