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8 Oct 2002
Who are the "mature" music of popular Japanese music.

Sort of the Japanese version of "Bonnie Raitt", "Bob Dylan", "Bruce Springsteen". exc. exc.

p.s: i consider "Bruce Springsteen" over-rated.

I think you could classify the "Southern All Stars" as mature and extremely successful. I like them very much, but they're probably considered "jiji" by Jpop standards. I am sure that Twisted has more to say on the subject.

There are some more famous and popular mature musicians.
I think " Yuming - Matsutoya Yumi", " Oda Kazumasa ",
"Yamashita Tatsuro", " Takeuchi Maria ( she is a wife of Yamashita Tatsuro.), and " Chage and Aska" are mature musicias.
Anybody knows some more?
Didn't Miyuki Nakajima make headlines this year by appearing at the 2002 Kohaku Utagassen for the first time in her 20-odd year music career? She'd probably qualify...

I'd say Shogo Hamada would probably be the closest equivalent to Bruce Springsteen...

Perhaps people like Kenji Sawada, Takao Horiuchi and Masashi Sada might qualify as well...

Hope this helps...
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