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15 Apr 2002
Can anybody explain why would you create a machine that get's outlawed from most racing competitions (GTR) in a country where the majority of the speed limit is stuck at 50 kmh?

It's so funny to see a speed-o-meter that reads past 220 kmh but yet you shouldn't be trying to enter 3rd gear?

Well, anyway, the mysteries in Japan always interest me.

So, here's to GTRs, GTOs, NSXs, Imprezas, Lancers, Silvias, 240s, Soarers, Supras, Fair Lady Z's, AE 86s, and RX7s that surf the high ways and late night deserted streets of Japan.

Sorry if missed any.
Because it sells. Images of speed, power and freedom.
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here in the states...the hottest thing on the market used to be those crotch-rockets...because you could do upwards of 180 MPH...Now people are getting over them...still fun to ride though.

I think the fact that you can do it is all you need...How many home computers are WAY more powerful than what they ever need to be...everyone's that I know...lol

If I had the money, I would be one of the first to buy a GTR...because I could...not because I need it.
Who's to say you can't speed? My friend and I drove from Yokohama to Osaka in his R34 Skyline GTR and we were hitting speeds up to 200km/h. It sure was fun. We engaged in some highway battles along the way with some Lancer EVO's and a Supra. Easy kills.

There's a company in Los Angeles, CA that sells Nissan Skyline GTR's straight from Japan. Legally. But a new Skyline GTR costs about US$100,000. Waaay too much for that car. They also sell older Skylines for about US$30-40K. I've seen some Skylines cruising around the freeways of California. It's a beautiful sight.

Motorex, INC USA

My top 5 favorite J-cars are:

5. Toyota Soarer (Fun in the sun...)
4. Nissan Cima (for all us aspiring to become Yakuza)
3. Nissan Skyline GTR R34 VSPEC-II
2. Honda Integra Type-R DC2 (and DC5)
1. Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type-RA Spec-C


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Fairlady Z is now doing commercials on TV. New model ... hmmm ... can't wait to see one live. I still like the 90's style though.

hmmm, it's not that you can't speed. But rather that at 200 you loose your license straight for 1 year and pay up to fines probably close to $3000. I got nailed at 36 kmp over which set me back $700.
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