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Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
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I Heard.......................................

while the new JREF server was being installed, J-Bot was stored it the chicken coop out behind JREF headquarters. Now we all know what happens when you have intimate contact with those "dirty" birds! J-Bot was foolish and didn't wear proper protection on his connection-projection.
The deadly bird-flu (which will soon destroy the world) entered his circuits and within a few short days he became un-soldered and passed away. He will be terribly missed by all his fellow JREF members. If you would like to make a contribution in his memory, please use PayPal and forward the money to Uncle Frank. If enough of you contribute, Uncle Frank will travel to Japan for a LONG stay to place a wreath on his grave.
In case you are worried, all the remaining JREF ADMIN staff have been inoculated against the deadly bird-flu and should survive (we hope & pray). Maciamo refused the shot on religious grounds and we are not sure about his chances? Please say a prayer for him and keep him in your thoughts!

Uncle Frank


Mikawa Ossan

17 Sep 2005
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And all this time I had thought that J-bot had succombed to mad-cow disease.... (Given the coherentness of his replies, I thought for sure his brain was turning into a giant sponge!) Go figure!
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