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14 Mar 2002
The Japan Media Review reports about expat bloggers in Japan. Btw, blogging is an "old" phenomenon in Japan's internet culture.

The most active bloggers in Japan seem to be expats writing about what it's like to be an expat in Japan, but Japanese bloggers are slowly getting into the act.

[...] Blogging is still largely an insiders' game for Japanese techies, with high-tech the central theme of many Japanese blogs. One of the most widely read bilingual blogs belongs to Neoteny CEO Joi Ito. Japan has a long history with online diaries, and it's only a matter of time before blogging finds its place among a broader swatch of the Japanese public. Technical issues aside, though, cultural patterns may present the biggest obstacle to the development of alternative news voices in Japan. "Almost all sites are quotations of quality papers with simple comments," said Neoteny's Hirata. "To become journalism, first many Japanese have to change their minds and publish their own thoughts. Most Japanese are still too shy to go public."

=> Japan Media Review -- Expat Bloggers Big in Japan

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Heh, very interesting. I suppose if I had more free time (as well as some level of technical savvy), i'd probably start one up myself (or at least attempt to). :cool:
You don't have to be techically inclined to do so. There are many free blog sites, on which you can set up your own blog. You can usually customize those as you want, but if you're not familiar with webdesign you can also use a readymade template.

I'm using Pitas for my blog. It's very easy. There's also Blogger.com or Live Journal.

Since a few months you can also start your own blog at japan.box.sk. It's not customizable, but it gets the job done.
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