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Article Izushi Castle Town

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15 Mar 2002
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Izushi Castle Town

Located in northern Hyōgo Prefecture, Izushi (出石) is also known as the "Little Kyōto of Tajima". The small castle town - merged into Toyooka in 2005 - is famous for its nostalgic atmosphere, its traditional Japanese architecture, and its very own kind of buckwheat noodles: Izushi soba.

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In the Sengoku Period, Tajima Province (但馬国 Tajima no Kuni) was ruled by the Yamana clan. They were based in Konosumi Castle on top of Arikoyama (有子山). Toyotomi Hideyoshi, then a general of Oda Nobunaga, destroyed the castle in 1569. The Yamana rebuilt their castle on the south-east of the mountain, but in 1580 Arikoyama Castle too was taken by Hideyoshi.

After the Battle of Sekigahara (1600), Izushi was given to the Koide clan. In 1604, Koide Yoshihisa (小出吉英, 1587-1666), the second and fourth...

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