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I've made the Dean's List!!!


12 Jul 2003
Hi Everyone!

I'm writing to let you know that I'm on the Dean's List as one of the top students in my college. A letter from my college was sent to me. This letter is of great importance as it will help me secure a scholarship. I plan on majoring Social Science, and hope to get a job in the United Nations. All your blessings are greatly appreciated.🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Dear Twisted,

The Dean's List is, well, a list of names of all top students. It works as means to honor these students. I hope that answers your question. ;)
Ah, i see. So this Dean guy picks out those students, or does he visit them or something...? :giggle:

Sorry... :)
Dear Twisted,

the list of names will be published in a book, and people who are interested, including students whose names appeared in the book and purchase it. To be able to make it to the Dean's List means a lot to students in general, simply because they stand better chances of getting scholarships to universities, and good jobs too.
Fascinating... its just that the only time we see this kind of terminology here in Europe, is in American sitcoms, like Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hill 90210 (yep, those are still being rerun overhere). :)
I've made the Dean's List!!!

Hi Twisted,

I must confess that I'm not a fan of the sitcom. However, I'm a fan of the late Pim Fortuyn.
I long to visit his residence. Is it open to the public? 👍
I have no idea. I don't really care about politics.
Why are you so interested in him?
It's not about him really. But his views on immigration, for example - very contraversial. By the way, I'm very political, very interested in politics.
omedetou on making the Dean's list.

Now for something that might be slightly disheartening for you. When I first went to college it was my personal goal to make the Dean's list. However after my first semester I found out how incredibly easy that was. All you needed at my school was at least a 3.0 semester GPA and a 3.5 cumunaltive GPA. I know that's not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish for some people, but as an engineer I was on the dean's list 8 out of 8 semesters and never had any worries about not making it. Hopefully your school is more stringent with making the Dean's list (I sure as heck think it should be harder than it was at my school). Sorry if I made you feel your award was less outstanding! :sorry:
haha, yeah I noticed that after I posted. The only reason I found the thread was because it was on the related threads list at the bottom of another post and curiousity got the better of me. I didn't think to read the dates until it was too late 😌
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