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17 Aug 2002

i'm here just to tell the person who's in charge of the times given at the bottom of the home page that the time for Buenos Aires/Rio de Janeiro is one hour ahead.
= jikanga ichijikan susundeiruno.

don't know if it is an important thing, but just in case someone gets interested about the time...

didn't mean to bother anyone, ok? 🙂

thanks for the attention!

PS: btw, the title was just a pun!... :p
Hi Olivia,

it's about time someone told me, hehe. Well, I guess I'll delete the world time feature, as it does not seem to work correctly anyhow.
I thought it was pretty cool. Worked for the UK time alright, I think. Any chance of bringing it back? Maybe not all the places, but at least those places where the users of this forum come from. Japan, US, UK, etc.
Thanks for your feedback. I'll play with it on my test board, perhaps I can up with a better solution.
Hey Thomas, maybe you can also add a global weather feature....
With temperatures of every major city and windspeeds and watertemperatures... 🙂

And what about a global "What's on tv at this moment"-feature? :D
thomas, i didn't want you to delete all of them! i just though that you could set the time for BA/RJ...! sumimasen!

hahaha! your tv suggestion is revolutionary! :D

well, if i have any other suggestion, i'll tell you!
Hehe, there's a weather feature available for the forum, but only for one city.

Actually, I'm trying to reduce forum features and additional queries to the database in order to improve overall performance. vB3 will be released soon, upgrading will be much easier without hacks and modification.
hehe, just go into the sql dataor the file and +/- it an hour.

I don't think most time functions take into account for daylight savings time.
Japan does not have it and it's terribly irratating.
I wouldn't like to tamper with the database every few months, guess I'm too lazy for that. :)
@ thomas new character
kureyon shin chan kawaii!
hehehe! 👍
i like that anime a lot - it's easy to understand (compared to other animes) and makes me laugh a lot! :)
(oh, sorry for talking about another subject - it's just that i don't understand much about sql, vb3, etc. hehe!) :p

suman! ;)
THOMAS what have you done to yourself, lol, (new advatar), lol its different! haha, 🙂
@times,, I realy liked that feature,but if its gota go then thats life, I will miss seeing what time it is in Japan at a glance, 🙂
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now I'm gonna feel bad about posting this thread!... :sorry:
I never wanted it to be taken away (the time feature), just mentioned as a way of warning/advising, in order to avoid any problem regarding the time from that region...
hontou ni gomennasai!
Originally posted by Olivia
(oh, sorry for talking about another subject - it's just that i don't understand much about sql, vb3, etc. hehe!

Me neither, Olivia, me neither. :)

@ new avatar

Just gave a body to Shin-chan's head.

@ modifications

The forum we are using now will soon be upgraded to a revolutionary (so they say) new version, a great leap forward, hehe. Once that leap will have taken place, I will add a lot of other features such as world time, quizzes etc., promised!
@ modifications
that sounds interesting, I hope the best for this forum!
just can't wait! :)
Olivia, Debs, thanks for your encouraging words. I am looking forward to the quiz modification in particular, I think it's an excellent way of keeping visitors happy.
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