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It's a baby


15 Apr 2002
Ok, finally to cap off a thread.

On Sept. 3rd at 9:eek:o pm my wife had a baby girl 👏

Her name is Erena 穡�fi.

weight 2,772 grams or 97.7 ounces
length 45.5 cm or 17.1 inches

3 weeks early and wife had to undergo a C-sect.

Both are well and fine.

I still can't sleep since I'm soooooo excited!

👏 👏 👏 👏

Congratulations, big daddy, that's wonderful news!!!

😄 😄

Our best regards to the two girls as well. Now we're waiting for pics, lol.

When will they come home?

You have no idea the joys your in for. Keep in mind that god makes them cute for a reason...LOL

congrats new papa.
Many congratulations!

Heh, kiss your sleep goodbye for the next 18 years... :D

moyashi brilliant news 👏 👏 👏

tell mum and baby that we wish them all the best, and samuritora could not have put his words any better, now your life really begins, and you both will find out that a great blessing has been delivered to you both🙂 🙂
Thanks all, I've got that warm feeling :)

Here's a temp pic until I get something clearer :)

Sweet, absolutely sweet! I hope her mother is fine as well.

I love that innocence.
mama was a bit tired but is recooperating on schedule. Thanks for asking :)
Thanks rickinto!

Yeah, it's starting to change already. I was worried I was going to stay the same o me ...
moyashi she is absolutely perfect!!!🙂 🙂

Glad to hear mum is doing fine too😄 and as rick into said your wife would never be the same but don't worry all that will happen will be the realization of true and unconditional love, babies bring this gift of nature that makes us mums truly learn how to love(emotionally). As for daddy, well, what can I say, you will protect your baby with your life!!! 🙂

"emotional roller coaster time" that's the way my Dad described our firstborns impact on our life, and truer words had never been spoken, so get ready for the FUN:clap:

waiting on another pic moyashi, 😍
thanks Debs :)

ok ... the digi-camera is still at the hospital with mama and baby.

maternity stay ...
regular = 3 days on average
C-sect = 10 to 14 days on average

Bacially gives enough time so that mama can relax and slip easily into the role of mama or ... if a repeater a small vacation from the husband and previous children.
@ moyashi haha, I'm sure after her ordeal mama will need plenty of rest, and attention and the hospital are the best places for both parties, don't worry mama and baby will be home when they are good and ready! And it will be absolutely wonderful when they are. We need to give both of them time to recover!! I am so thrilled for you both I can't get the words to tell you! please send my best wishes to mama and baby for me, its the start of a new life for you both🙂 🙂
Thanks :)

I too think so. I so excited and yet worried about being a good father and hopefully later on a father that can be consulted :)
OOOO CONGRATS! She is absolutly adorible! I'm sure you will make a very good father ^_^ its hard at first but you'll learn quickly....(and i have no idea what i'm talking about...:p)
Good luck to all of you and a happy and safe future ^_^

it's so great to see someone having a baby, becoming a father/mother!!! I wish all the happiness for you - little baby, mom and dad!

like anastasia, i don't know much about it all (to have a baby), but I am totally crazy about babies and kids/children...!!!

once again, congrats!
She gets out on Friday the 13th ;) and then she goes straight to her mothers to stay the traditional 21 days under the "new" grandma's care.

Husband gets visiting rights and a bit more of freedom and solitude at home ...
Originally posted by moyashi
and then she goes straight to her mothers to stay the traditional 21 days under the "new" grandma's care.

/me wonders

Is there really such a tradition? That's interesting.
Apparently it seems. Many of the mothers up here in Hokkaido say so.
Even if it's not 21 days. There is a strong tradition of recooperating for the wife with parents at least. It could be a new tradition though too.

side note:
YAH! 1,000 posts
Moyashi-sensei will be alone with his 6 pussycats...

Congrats to your 1.000th post!
6 .... hmmm .... I've had a blast drinking a few times with out the nagging "when are you coming home?" phone calls.

also, I've been haning out here more often ;)
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