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Items you miss from Japan when outside of Japan


5 Dec 2003

Here is something I would like to know from you all, Japanese and non-Japanese, as a part of a personal study :

What are the japanese things ( objects and food only ) that you miss a lot when you are outside of Japan?
Please specify whether you are Japanese or not.

My items of choice are : Nikuman and the famous "MaronMaron" cake.

What about you?
Thanks for participating :)
Ah, lotsa things!...
in particular...
Okonomiyaki & Takoyaki...
also... Pocky & Pocari Sweat.
I miss 'em alot!...
luckily enough I'll be over there in a few days time eating & drinking 'em!:)
Woohoo! :)
Japanese Commercials
Japanese television programming
I don't miss the crowds of Tokyo or the morning rush hour, so that's another thread I suppose :D
probably the food
And the convenience stores that carry the fun stuff you can't find in the backwater US :D Where people are still so amazingly primitive that they think 7-11 is only good for their 40 gallon slurpies and expanding waistlines :D
Haha... how come all the responses are about food? :p

As far as food goes I'm really in ramen withdrawl.

Otherwise, I really miss the cleanliness of most places. It seemed like no matter where I went, there was always somebody cleaning something. Like I remember going to a Toys R Us and seeing the shelves being dusted and polished and the whole store was spotless. Here in the US even many upscale stores have a bunch of dust and crud on the shelves and in corners.
I Forget the Name ??

I always loved sitting around the little table with the heater underneath and the Quilt edge to put over your lap. Hands would roam around underneath and up top everyone would look so inocent and happy. Close friends and good times !

Objects and food only? Hmm... how about some of the freshest and most affordable (relatively speaking) seafood available? Of course, this might be a Hokkaido thing, but I sure miss going down to the market with my friends to browse for that "perfect" King crab to dig into after a hard night at the karaoke clubs. That would be my second choice btw. Japan has some of the best karaoke clubs in the world imho (and trust me, I have seen some pretty bad ones in my travels abroad).
I miss having such ridiculous signs and banners around everywhere to laugh at making sure you don't drown yourself in the creek, get out on the wrong side of the subway, or fall down a crack in the sidewalk.

Hi no naka ni te wo ireruna! (Don't put your hand in the flame!)

or this one put out by the Fukushima police :
"Wakai me wo sodateru kankyou machizukuri" (Good neighborhoods are made by the proper upbringing of young people (actually young buds))

as well as the Pocari, tiled roofs, flammable and nonflammable recycling bins (it really is the little things that stick with you) but mostly the people ! :).
@m4777 - Heh, Ramen withdrawl! Yah, I'd have to agree with you.

The great hole-in-the-wall Ramen shops. Ramen, Gyouza, Yakimeshi and a nice cold Asahi... Damn! Nothing else even compares!

Sumo, Oronamin-C, Aquarius, Taco, Ramen, Gyoza, Beeping crosswalks, Onsens, Karaoke, Pulling up to the front of a long line of cars on your motorcycle, Taxis with doors you never touch, Smoking anywhere you like, and being taller than everyone else.
Oh ... I had forgotten CALPIS WATER and HOT DRINKS IN CANS ! ;)

BTW, thanks for the nice feedback.
Please go on !
In two days it'll be a year since I came back from Japan. I miss ramen (I would do anything to get one right now), momiji manjuu, book shops, shinto shrines, and all those cool vending machines where you can buy almost anything. Btw, is it just me, or Evian tastes different in Japan? :)
"Creep" in my coffee.

House Vermont Curry in my Udon.

The aroma of a "Kissaten" as the automatic doors open and you walk in.

Those school uniforms that middle and high school students wear.

Shocking an average Japanese folk with my ability to speak English.

Playing a practical joke on an American by first pretending not to understand and gradually uttering some heavily-accented English words, and trying to see how long it takes for the American to realize I'm speaking in flawless English. :D :D :D :D

Being complimented on my physique. 👏 👏 👏
"Being complimented on my physique."

That's something you really miss when outside of Japan? No shortage of modesty I see...
Re: I Forget the Name ??


yes I want to build one when I go back to england

Originally posted by Frank D. White
I always loved sitting around the little table with the heater underneath and the Quilt edge to put over your lap. Hands would roam around underneath and up top everyone would look so inocent and happy. Close friends and good times !

Since I'm still into the stuff, anything kimono ('specially all the ties and other stuff that's harder to get), and tea utensils.
It's easier to get some Japanese stuff in Chicago, not so far away, but still haven't found really good ramen like I used to eat in Tohoku area.
-tsuruki soba
-Akiyoshi stuff on a stick, especially their kushikatsu
-Yes, Aquarius!!! I used to drink it and eat mushipan every morning.

-everything else
I really miss.....
1) izakaya(
2) fish market(sakanaya san)
3) japanese coffee
4)nabeyaki udon
5)japanese green onion(negi)、burdock(gobou)
"3) japanese coffee"

"Georgia" in a can! I'm not much for hot coffee but I can put those down like a champ, heh. 8-p

Anpan. Still my favorite pastry.
100 Yen Kaitenzushi- 2800 yen later rolling yourself out the door and still less calories than a Macdonalds.
Instant Japanese apple curry. mmmmmmmmm
Usless Gadgets (why do you need a robotic dog?)
Roof top combined Beergardens yakiniku places. OMG is there ever a better party location for friends.

Those are a few that stick out in my head.
TAKO YAKI, OKONOMI YAKI, GE SEN(game center), no that's not a thing its a place:p . GYU DON, SUSHI I'm talkin bout real sushi.
One more thing I'll miss a lot after I leave the country :

The new TONPOOROO-MAN ( ニ暖ニ停?愴竹ツーニ陳債ー窶堙懌?堙ア ) !

If you are in Japan, go to the first combini you see and try one.
Simply delicious. It's not a traditional product ( I guess ) but it can't
be found oversea.

Taste it and tell me what you think :)
* jidouhanbaiki (vending machines)
* seifuku kitteru hitotachi (the many uniformed people/workers)
* conbini (convenience stores with japanese food/goods in them)
* oshare na kissaten (stylish coffee shops)
* kawaii to kirei na nihonjin no onnanohito
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The nightly Sumo DIgest TV show, whenever there is a sumo basho.

(I really miss this!) (zannen!)
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