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It does not have to be done, but lets try: Ask a question of some importance...


Gag me with a spoon
19 Nov 2003
At the request of Iron Chef, this is the psuedo-intellect version of the senseless thread.

So my question is, if the evolution of planetary satallites, elements, and existence of sentient beings can now be explained through science, why does G*d still exist in the minds of so many?
becuase having a god and religion keeps people in line. if they didnt have the fear of eternal damnation well then they might just all act like crazy bastards all the time. they are institutionalized, they wouldnt know how to live without all the rules etc religion puts forth.
before people needed god(s) to explain the things they couldnt, now they have to explain why they need god(s).

why arent there more intelligent threads around?
Because they require too much thought to respond to, and people dont want to work when they post at boards. They just want fun, and while some may consider intelllectuallism enjoyment, most dont. *My intellect lacks when it comes to spelling...bleh*

Why is the display of pride for ethincities like African American, Latino, Asian, etc acceptable, but caucasian pride display is taboo?
I suppose that's the way it's been for decades.

What is the average IQ for a Japanese citizen? :confused:
*Recalls South Park episode where two Chinese announcers were talking*
"Hey! What you call American with PhD in math and science?"
"Stupid American!!"
"haw haw haw haw haw!"
Heh. I love South Park. That reminds me of something. Is there a joke thread somewhere? Anyways...

Why is it that so many feel humanity is doomed to extinction? Will homo sapiens go extinct? Will the rest of life on earth benefit from our departure? Are we changing right now and not aware of it? IS WATER WET? WHY DO MEN HAVE NIPPLES? IF 7-11 is OPEN 24 HOURS, WHY DO THEY HAVE LOCKS ON THE DOORS?

You want knock-down power. You want penetration for say a car windshield, but not over-penetration so a bullet would plow through something and kill a bystander. It has to be fairly light and small so you can sit in a car seat and still draw it. Enough rounds in it so you don't run out, but not to many to SPRAY around. Not to much recoil because we have small framed people on the force now. You want a gun that can take abuse, but easily be repaired. How about the coating on the gun, blue or chrome or hybred? Semi-auto or revolver?
If your life depended on this, what would you choose??



PS- Anyone know what the Japanese police use when needed??
S&W .40 calibur. chrome and black, semi auto 15 round clip. thing shoots pretty damn straight, for me at least, was able to it pretty dead on at 50 yards and still hit the 2'x3' target at 100 yards, yes i was playing with it on the rifle range. got the idea from an older man there who was shooting a hand cannon on the rifle range.
whats neat about the gun its the barrel and slide are interchangeable with a glock of the same size.

ill get back to you with a question...
or someone else can ask one.
Why do we continue going out into space, when there are more important things to be done on this planet? What is the point of colonizing distant worlds if we can't live peacefully here?
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