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15 Mar 2002
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Ishikawa Prefecture

Ishikawa Prefecture (石川県 Ishikawa-ken) is located in the Chūbu region in central Honshū and bounded by the Sea of Japan on the west and the north, Toyama Bay and Toyama and Gifu prefectures on the east, and Fukui Prefecture on the south. It is divided into the Kaga region to the south and the Noto Peninsula to the north. There are several islets north of Noto in the Sea of Japan, the largest of which is Hegurajima. The southern part of Kaga is mostly mountainous, while the area around the capital Kanazawa forms the prefecture's largest plain. The Noto Peninsula is hilly, with an uneven coastline forming many natural harbours. Precipitation is substantial, and the weather is frequently cloudy.

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