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Is your Japanese name of a celebrity?


28 Dec 2003
Is your Japanese name the same as a singer, movie star or any other kind of celebrity?

My name is Ken , the same as Ken Masters form Street Fighter


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My real name isn't Japanese, it's a combination of the first name of my dad (Joselito) and a famous Filipino film score composer (Ryan Cayabyab). My user name, of course, is named after Japan's moast famous Akita, Hachiko, as well as the statue in his honor in Shibuya. :)
I mean when your name is translated into a Japanese name. My name is Ken which is just happends to be Japanese
Ohhh. The closest I can get to that is Yoshiro (when converted phonetically), or Taka, which means "tall, and honorable." Joseph, wich turns to Jose, which is the main part of my name means "God will increase." Ryan means "little king." A little king will grow to be honorable. Hence, Taka.
My name is Hisoka, just like Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter 😄


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Hisoka is a cool character! He was a great villain in HxH. Humm it doesnt seem to be alot of people with famous names.
There have been many anime/manga characters whose first names are Taka. One of them is Sukunami Taka, who became Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi.


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