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Is the PSX exciting?


18 Jun 2003
Hello everyone!

I know nothing about Japan, but I'm fascinated, so please bear with me.

Over here in the United States, we are getting little bits of news about the SONY PSX... we joke about going to Japan to get one.

What is it like in Japan? Are people excited?
Do many people buy them?
Do you have one?
Do you like it, do you like the new features? Especially the DVD writer?

Do you think it's worth the money??

Thanks very much.

By the way... I'm a member of the several USA and International Forums, and I think everyone would love to have people come and talk to us. We sometimes talk about Anime and, of course, we talk about all the great games that come out of Japan... but... uh... we don't know what we're talking about!

If anyone out there likes talking about games, my friends and I would love to talk.

In the meantime... I'll lurk around here.

Thanks again!
Calling it a PS3 is not quite accurate. The PSX is merely an extended version of the current PS2. Same game-hardware, but with some added functionality.

Sony is trying to penetrate the allround home-entertainment market with this machine, as opposed to the current PS2, which is only a games-machine with a DVD-player.

Whether it's interesting is up to you. If you plan to use the extra functionality, it's an interesting buy, but for games you might as well stick to the current PS2.
Are they going to come out with games designed to take advantage of that massive hard drive?? Or... for that matter... any of the other capabilities?

Any of you out there have one or know someone who has?


(and thanks... PS3 = PSX )
NOOOO!!! The PSX is not the PS3!
It's a PS2 + DVD-R reader + remote control + HD + sweet stuff.
That's it.
It has nothing to do with the PS3
err before today the only thing I've ever heard referred to as a PSX was the original PlayStation game console after the PS2 came out. but then again i don't spend a lot of time looking on the net for new info on systems...

but I've since decided to check it out after looking at PlayStations official site i found this:

Sony will release a new PlayStation 2-based console with TV recording and DVD burning capabilities within the coming fiscal year, the company announced at a strategic meeting today. Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi introduced the device as part of a broader strategy for SCE in Sony's ongoing reorganization. Dubbed the "PSX," it will combine the PS2's existing game-playing capabilities with a TV tuner, 120 gigabytes of hard drive space, a DVD-RW drive, and broadband Internet connection hardware to create a more well-rounded and capable media playing device.

The name "PSX" refers to the "crossover" nature of the system, combining the functions of as many as three or more devices into one. The PSX will be able to play games, play DVD movies, record television programs, download media from the Internet, record content to homemade CDs and DVDs, access photos and other data via a Memory Stick slot, and attach other peripherals through built-in USB 2.0 ports...

PlayStation® Official Site: Consoles, Games, Accessories & More

so there ya go. :)
Yes thank you! I get it now, too.

Um... except... what's the PS3 supposed to be. Is there even going to BE a ps3???
Yes, there is, but probably not until late 2005 or early 2006.

There's probably already a prototype in the Sony-vaults, but as long as the PS2 is still selling well, they won't unleash it upon the consumers.

Most likely it'll have the same features as the PSX, but with even more bolder graphics hardware and a faster CPU.
Maybe I should hold out until they INCLUDE a high-definition flat screen TV.

Now, THAT, would be amazing.

Hey wait... do any of you out there already play console games through a high-definition TV.

High-definition is still rare in in the US. They are really only for DVD movies because there are few TV programs in high definition. I've seen an HD TV, but the person didn't play games. So all the console playing I've ever seen has been on regular TVs.

Would you have to make a game specially designed for HD in order to take advantage of the incredible 3D of HDTV?
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