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Is anyone here able to translate this?


18 Nov 2003
Hi there,

I'm completely unfamiliar with the japanese language, but i saw this stuff on eBay and I want to know, what these signs mean?!?

I don't want to build something in my car, that states: "The driver is a little girl!" or something like that. ;)

It would be very kind of you, if you would tell me, what it means in English or German.

Greetz from Hannover, Germany
(Proud location of the FIFA World Cup 2006)

PS: I was told, that this should be Japanese, but I'm not quite sure.
I vote that it is not Japanese. In my dictionary of standard kanji (ie the 2000 or so most used characters in Japanese) none of the above appear in combination. the first appears to be 一(ichi) or "1" the second looks like 汽 (ki) or "steam." I think the next thing is a dash "-" and the next is 大 (dai) or "big." The last kanji I have no idea. It is too stylized for my brain.

Since none of this seems to be making sense, I would guess it is either Chinese or just some characters someone put together because they liked the way it looked.

I also asked a passing office worker (a Japanese person) and they had no idea. Granted they mistook the Audi symbol for the Olympic rings, so take it for what it is worth.

Hope someone else can be more helpful :)
It looks like a graphic design of some sort, not Japanese or Chinese. What does the ebay seller claim it is?

I finally got my translation elsewhere.
It is chinese and not japanese, so thanks to everybody, who tried to translate it here!
The first two stand for "yi" & "qi" and the other two for "da zhong".

"yi" means "one" and "qi" means car! These two together are also the name of "First Automotive Works". FAW is the joint-venture that assembles Audis and Volkswagens in China.

"da zhong" is chinese for "Volkswagen"

So overall it means somthing like "A car by VW" oder "FAW - VW"!

I already know what it means. Take a look at my last post, where I explained, that it is chinese and what it states!
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