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Iron Chef

I've been watching Iron Chef ever since it started coming on in the U.S. about 5 or so years ago? I think it first started coming on in '98 or '99? I'm not sure the exact time. There are other people here that know more about it than me. I just think it's fun to watch every now and then, where other people are die-hard fans.

Anyway, who's your favorite chef?
It's never reached NZ sadly.... I didn't even know what is was until I saw a cooking book in the library here written by some winner of the Iron Chef.... I just thought it was Iron Chef the members' name :D
hey Inter, i do watch iron chef, but the BEST show EVER is Takeshi's Castle, i watch it every day, it's soooooo funny. Sushi TV (again on challenge) is not bad either. 👍
the worst thing i ever saw was iron chef usa hosted by william shatner i turned of the tv that day and was stuck in a rut of depression fo rthe rest of the evening not having my fill of iron chef...long live rokusaburo michiba!
I adore Iron Chef - it's one of of the highlights of my week -_-

What's been your favourite themed ingredient ?
Well, I guess mine would be milk and yogurt. I'm a Chen fan. Chen for cooking, Kobe for looking! :p
Nyanko said:
I adore Iron Chef - it's one of of the highlights of my week -_-

What's been your favourite themed ingredient ?

mine was the sea urchin battle and the potatoe one( i think that was the one with the chef from vancouver bc..he shoudl have won:p)
I saw the sea urchin one last night and it made me really hungry....

... it was the last one in the series in the UK ... :(
Did anyone see the new specials ahown over this weekend on Food Network? It looks like they're trying out the idea of an American version of the show, only this time without Shatner and with a group of Food Network celebs as the U.S. Iron Chefs (Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck). They definitely have a better sense for the original this time (compared to the Shatner fiasco)...

Any opinions? I only saw the Flay vs. Sakai battle, but it seemed like Alton Brown did a good job as commentator... he needs a second commentator to interact with, though, like Fukui and Hattori.
Yes, I saw the specials. I didn't like the outcome of the Sakai/Flay battle. I do agree with you, that it was done much more tastefully than the Shatner version. The only thing I don't like about the Food Network show is the so-called "Chairman". I think that guy, Mark Dacascos, is not the best actor in the world. He comes off as really stiff and just doesn't seem comfortable in the role or something. Hard to put my finger on it. I loved Alton Brown as commentator. He's one of my favorites anyway. I also miss Chen and Kobe.

A friend has a site, Iron Fans, that is a really good source of information for Iron Chef.
Yeah, I missed Chen and Kobe too... especially Chen, my favorite of all Iron Chefs! Though considering the outcomes of all the battles, I think I was just as happy not seeing him there... I was pretty disappointed with the results of Flay/Sakai as well. It was interesting seeing a points breakdown by category in those battles rather than judge by judge, because to me that really showed up the failure in judgment... it seemed ridiculous that Flay was judged superior in plating/presentation, as each of Sakai's dishes looked like works of art. Of course, I'm a little biased...


Anyway, no matter the outcomes, these specials beat the Shatner ones by a country mile... but nothing beats the original show. And I agree that the new chairman doesn't convey the greatness that is Kaga... he has to inject a whole lot more eccentric into his act to come close. One of my all-time favorite episodes is the one where Kaga gets angry at the Iron Chefs for a long losing streak and decides not to announce for the episode... then while the cooking is going on the roving cameramen keep catching glimpses of a pouting Kaga skulking around in the shadows of the Kitchen Stadium... BRILLIANT!
As for the guy who dubs the host...who the hell does he think he is? Sean Connery?!
Ugh, Japanese media (particularly games) is plagued with gut-wrenching dubs. Dubbing should be banned.
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