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28 Dec 2003
Hello,I'm Ichi.I'm Japanese.
I've been living in Dublin for about 4 months.
I had lived in Dublin to study English for 10 months
and I went back to Japan last summer but I came back cause
I like this country.
This time I'm studying Media at the college in Dublin.
I was gonna enjoy my life in here again but I haven't made any
Irish friends yet.
There is only one international student in my class(it's me).
As you may know,some Japanese people are very shy and I'm one of them. So,I can't talk to them...
I come to internet cafe everyday,and I've found this site.
I found there are some Irish people in "Japan forum"
I thought this is good opportunity to make friends to talk to.
I already sent an e-mail to Irish person who is in Japan Forum.

Anyway,I found this site is quite interesting.I never thought there are so many people who are interested in Japan.
It would be grateful if any of you(even the people who are not Irish)
could answer to this message!!
This is the first time for me to write here.
Thanks for reading!!


(sorry if you don't understand my English writing)
Hi Ichi !!

It sounds like a lonely situation; to be in a strange country and not know many people. This web site has some great people and great topics of discussions.You can be a shy person like me and still get to meet people and talk about interesting things. I have been out of work for about ten weeks with no money to go out and do things. This site has helped to keep me from going nuts with boredom. Once you get to know some of the members you can have a good time here. People here always want to know everything about Japan and it's people. Someone like you who does so well with English will be in demand.There are very young people here and some older ones like me(54 soon) who would love to hear from you.I'm sure you will make more friends there in Irland, but till you do , jump in here and type it up!!


I'm moving this to the Member Intro forum as it is more appropriate there. Greetings and welcome btw.
Hai konnichiwa kasimais Ichi-chan.

You will love the Irish, I am sure they will make you feel as welcome as they can. We will do this also, good to have you, take care.

🙂 🙂 🙂
Welcome aboard, Ichi! 🙂

Yeah, as Frank said, just start typing and talk to us. We're a pretty nice group! ;) I bet you could make lots of friends there in Ireland, though, because as far as I know, the Irish are a very friendly bunch!

Hope to see you around the forum!

P.S.--By the way, your English is fine.
Thank you everyone!! I hope everything's gonna b alright.
When I was living in Ireland last time,I went to English college.
There were no Irish ofcourse,and all the students couldn't speak
English.So,we always tried to talk to each other and I naturally could make many friends.
However, this time they are all native speakers.In addition,they are all
young.They're always talking about "The Simpsons"or"Family guy".
It's so difficult for me to join their conversation.
To make the matter worse,most of them don't talk to me...
I guess it's difficult for them to talk to me as well cause I'm too shy...
But there is a classmate who are worrying about me,and she began to
talk to me recently.I'm really happy with that.
That's great, I'm really shy to. What you should do is make friends with her and have her help you introduce you to people. That's what I do when I'm at a new place. I hope you have fun in Ireland and on this board.
When I changed schools, I had quite a difficult time making friends at first, as everybody had different interests to me and I didn't exactly fit in... but once you settle down and people start to get to know you, you should start making a whole load of friends... especially seeing as the Irish (in my experience) are generally a friendly race...
and if you're ever feeling lonely, just pop on here and we'll be here for you ;)
hey hows it going
I'm esca. Don't be shy just introduce yourself like you did here. I'm sure you will make some friends.
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