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10 Mar 2003
If it's the wrong forum just transfer it to the right one.. ;)

I was checking out etc, but didn't find the information, at least not yet. My question is, that

a) is there an irc channel for the users of this forum?
b) are there some japanese channels you would recommend?

I just like to chat with different people in times and times...and I do have a life though ;)
I would be interested in idling in a channel with other users of this forum...

As for your second question (b), I haven't really ran across anything too hot. Do you mean channels where people converse in Japanese, or discuss Japanese culture?
I guess both will do for starters. I could check them out and decide whether it's the right place for me.. :)
And if there isn't any channels existing for the forum users, maybe we could make one..
That would be a good idea...

I already idle on GamesNet servers because of three channels on there. I don't go on Dalnet anymore because it's never up, EfNet seems a bit hard to get on sometimes, but Undernet seems easy to connect to all the time. Do you have any preference?
Aniverse would be fine. #jref sounds like a nice, short channel name. Unfortunately, I can't get on their server at the moment... *grumble*
#jref has been registered on Aniverse. I will be idling there through most of the day and available at the oddest of times.

For an IRC client for Windows, try mIRC
mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client

once you're setup, join the aniverse server (it's in the second drop down menu of the box that pops up) and type /j jref once you're connected.

You might also want to choose a nickname.. this can be set in that box or after you join by typing /nick TheNameYouWant
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Hi guys, I think that's a very nice idea! Tell me how the experiment works out. I'm far from my home PC at the moment, but I'll drop by next week once I'm back.

Good luck! 🙂
I'm so lonely... :(

Come to the chat! We can swap music, etc. and talk about anything.

Maybe if thomas installs a Javascript IRC client to connect to the channel, more people will come because it's less intimidating to just load a webpage. Lemme know what you think, thomas. :)
Most hosting companies do not allow IRC servers on virtual accounts due to their huge consumption of resources and the potential hazard they pose. Wait until we go dedicated in 2011.

No, it would just be a JAVA applet that connects to and interprets things from the aniverse servers. After downloading the application when they pull it up, everything would be done via the local, cached copy of the applet and on the Aniverse server. :)
Hrrm.. it seems that the basic version would be fine for chatting, but does not support DCC file transfers and such. This is not available in any version of that program, unfortunately. They really don't go into detail about what's available in the full version...

I should also remind Trillian ( http://www.trillian.cc ) users that you can easily connect to IRC networks via Trillian. :)
I tested out the Jpilot IRC applet and it's bad. Real bad. A message is displayed too often and it's annoying... :(

Here is another one, though, that seems a lot better!
running on my site, connected to a small, small channel

you can get it at this address

It is very easy to configure (you edit 2 things in the HTML file) and install (you just upload it!). The server address for Aniverse is "irc.aniverse.com" and the channel is "#jref" , of course.

What do you think, thomas?
Originally posted by Chakan
No, it would just be a JAVA applet that connects to and interprets things from the aniverse servers.

My fault, I misread your post. Java Chat - on my to-do-list!
yey!! I finally actually tried it, and found my way to the channel just right. Great 😄 !!

I guess my only enemies are the time zones...
When I'm awake and feeling like chitchatting, everyone else is at sleep (or having a nice night out :sing: )..

Well, maybe I'll have some more luck in the future.. ;)
Originally posted by Chakan
You'd be surprised, Chipi. I'm on at odd times. XD

haha :giggle:

Well, ok, so am I, if I'm at my own appartment, trying to do something useful like study, and end up for doing this and that in the world of internet ;)

But for example, it's 7p.m. right now, I'm here with my glass of wine, and there's nobody active on the channel except me...where are you guys,come on!! :)
I'd love to get to know all of you better.
Ouch, my aching server...

Oh, wait. It isn't mine. :D:D:D:D

Just joking. Haven't tried a real experience with irc applets so if it does come up, I'll be really curious about it.
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